“It`s about the passion for skateboarding and crafting the finest woodwork"

Root Longboards was established in 2008. We are a longboard manufacturer firmly rooted in Stuttgart, South Germany.

Several years of meticulous testing and prototyping has culminated in Root Longboards developing different types of wood cores. Each core is designed with a particular discipline of riding in mind. This could be purely for downhill, freeriding, carving, bowl or for a combination of riding applications.

With the knowledge of a model-pupil and our experience and access to snowboard manufacturing technology; Root develops downhill, freeride, carving and boards with a passion. Each board is built with wood sourced from our Southern region and combined with high-quality fibreglass, carbon and epoxy resin.

We are building on our past success because of our passion, desire-for-quality and love of what we do. Simply: we love to skate. This is only matched by our aspirations to convey that peaceful feeling when you go out with some buddies and shred.

Root is a steady innovative and team driven process. We implement feedback from each dedicated team-rider, customers and friends into the series we envisage to develop.

Shred with your friends, with a big smile on your face!

100% handcrafted in Germany